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Club Duck Key's primary purpose is to provide social and recreational events for its members. In order to preserve the high standards of our facilities the follow rules have been established for the use of Club Duck Key.

-Guests/Prospective Members:

The primary purpose of introducing visitors to the Club is to encourage membership. Anyone who is eligible to join the Club Duck Key may use the facility as may be approved by the Board of Directors. Such potential member shall be accompanied by a Club Duck Key Member.

-Rental Policy:

  • The Club Duck Key facilities will not be rented to any outside organizations. The Club facilities shall not be used in connection with civic, political, or religious groups or similar activities, except as may be approved by the Board.
  • Exception: Annual meeting of Duck Key Property Owners Association (DKPOA) can be held on Club premises, subject to Board approval and subject to DKPOA paying rental fees and obtaining required insurance coverage if alcoholic beverages are to be served. (Adopted May 5, 2006) (Complete details of the Club Duck Key Rental Policy are contained in a separate document.)

-Members Rental Policy:

  • Proposed date for any event must first be cleared through the Social Committee Chair to insure there are no conflicts with already scheduled events.
  • Club facilities may be rented for personal use such as wedding receptions or birthday/anniversary celebrations.
  • Club facilities can be rented for the member's personal use only and not as a sponsor for an outside group or individual.

Members must be present at all times during the event and must clean the premises. Guests may use the clubhouse, pool areas, and tennis courts. However, courts may be used for tennis play only.

Fee Schedule

Events with 30 or more attendees (Large):

  • Rental Fee: $500.00 plus 7.5% sales tax.
  • Clean-up Fee: $200.00
  • Damage Deposit: $150.00
  • Required Insurance: One day policy covering date of rental in the amount of $1 million per occurrence and in the aggregate, adding renter as an additional insured on CDK General Liability Insurance (and on Liquor Liability Insurance, if alcoholic beverages will be served). A Certificate of Insurance evidencing such coverage must be given to CDK Social Chairperson thirty (30) days prior to rental date.

Events with less than 30 attendees (Small):

  • Rental Fee: None
  • Clean-up Fee: None
  • Damage Deposit: $150.00
  • Required Insurance: Same as "Large Event" if alcoholic beverages will be served.

Children's Birthday Party Events:

  • Rental Fee: None
  • Clean-up Fee: None
  • Damage Deposit: No damage deposit, but member liable for any damage.
  • Required Insurance: None, however NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES are allowed.
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